Thursday, 13 February 2014

Revenant @ Doc Brown's (09/02/2014)

It’s not often you’ll get a mod in a room with a load of bikers, I’d never seen so many leather jackets and
Image taken by Shannon George
Doc Martins in one room, but Revenant are a band that I have heard nothing but good things about, so being able to see them at Doc Brown’s was not an opportunity I would pass down.

Knowing that a night with newly built, but highly experienced, Revenant is in store the room is packed with buzzing fans and curious new followers. Made up of five of the most talented local musicians; Sel Urwin (Vocals), Mike Walker (Guitar/Vocals), Gary Moseley (Guitar), Steven Henwood (Bass/Vocals), and Simon Verrill (Drums/Vocals), Revenant are a band that have set a storm in their newly born career.

Opening with Riff Raff the hard rock/metal cover band make a loud statement, re-inviting these fantastic songs to the stage, playing them to perfection in front of a large crowd of adoring listeners, it’s easy to see why they’ve gone straight to the hearts of their faithful fans. It wasn’t only the opener that was sublime, the whole setlist was inventive and worked so well together as the songs melded in and out with each other,
Image taken by Shannon George
creating one of the most powerful and elite sounds I have ever come across is in my twenty years.

Urwin has a very powerful metal voice, most described it as the perfect singing voice for the songs he was singing, but for a newbie to metal music it was a magnificent experience, any song that was thrown his way he would give his all.
Walker, one of the most fantastic live guitarist’s I have ever seen, showing off his A star guitar skills and his brilliant relationship with the guitar, it’s indescribable what this man can do with a guitar – to know, you’d have to see them.
Moseley kept himself to the side as he teased out beautiful sound on his guitar, bringing the five piece together with his rhythmic connection to the music he obviously adores.
Bass player Henwood definitely is having the time of his life whilst he’s on stage, and why not? He’s an incredible bass player, so good in fact that I still had his bass lines buzzing in my head the next morning.
And last, but certainly not least, is our drummer Verrill, the sound he created was strong and powerful, and a topped of that ‘kick-you-in-the-balls’ sound and atmosphere that Revenant are bringing to local stages across the North East.

Revenant are going to go on to do brilliant things, if their second live gig is anything to go by. Their hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, it’s shown in their earth shattering live performances.

Watch out for when Revenant take over your local.

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