Tuesday, 20 May 2014


This one might seem a bit mysterious, as the singer I only know by the name Josh, it was the name he give to me when I introduced myself.

Gogarty's is my favourite pub on Temple Bar, it  constantly has live music on - and they manage to gather some of the best Irish musicians around to play.

Josh is one of them. Although he differed from the other acts, he didn't play your usual Irish tunes (God knows how many times I heard Galway Girl and The Irish Rover). He played Oasis, the Beatles, and so many other amazing covers. Anything that was thrown at him he began to play, even Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' - he nailed it.

Charismatic, talented, and with a smile as big as you can imagine, Josh had the entirety of the pub singing along to his songs. He played fantastically, I've never seen someone be able to play an acoustic quite like him, manipulating it into a set of drums, a bass, basically playing out all the instruments included in any song, on his trusty acoustic.

Josh played a fantastic cover of Come Together, which I managed to record half of, regrettably I missed his fantastic rendition of the introduction. I love Irish music, don't get me wrong, but Irish musicians know how to play an acoustic guitar, and it's good to hear one of them put that into covering none traditional Irish songs.

Josh, if you're out there, well done lad!

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