Thursday, 13 February 2014

Barstow Bats release debut EP

Only forming in late 2012 Barstow Bats have hit the music scene with their brilliant, self titled, debut EP.

There's something magnetic about these four lads from Dumfries, which is shouted loud to you when listening to their opening track 'Play Piano', a great indie tune from duo Andy Rendall (Guitar/Vocals) and Steven McKie (Guitar/Vocals), which are backed by their fellow musicians Barry Gemmell (Backing Vocals/Bass) and Dan Wynne (Drums).

Their grittiness is what to be of expected of a band that were born and molded in Scotland, years Britain has been waiting for a guitar band to bring the musicianship, and talent, back into indie.

'Play Piano' is a fantastic opener to introduce anyone to Barstow Bats, it echoes influences from the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys, but with their own stamp on it - Barstow Bats are unique, their talent will stagger anyone who gives them a listen.

Another favourite of mine, from the EP, is 'Those French Kisses', a magnificent piece of music that could win the hearts of any music lover. It's one of those tracks that will never die, and it will never be soon forgotten. Barstow Bats have created a masterpiece, a song that will soon be set to storm the radios of Britain.

It's not often I'm this excited about a new band, but Barstow Bats are four Scottish lads you should be watching out for, they're raw, and their music will kick you in the gut and make you question your original music taste.

Scotland has given birth to a talent array of talent, and four of them have come together to form Barstow Bats, four young lads that have the world at their feet, and talent that only some could imagine at their hands.

Check out Barstow Bats!

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