Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Robbie Williams (23/06/2014)

Photo courtesy of www.facebook.com/robbiewilliams
Newcastle Metro Arena.

I know what you're thinking, Robbie Williams? Take That's old fat dancer? Well let me give a small explanation of why I paid £65 for backseats of a Robbie Williams concert...

My mam is the soul reason I've been to many great gigs in my life, and she has become my favourite gig partner. I've dragged her to so many concerts, even when she hated the band she would still come with me. So when I found out that her favourite singer was on in Newcastle I jumped at the chance to buy her tickets as a small token of my gratitude.

So there we are, in the middle of Newcastle, I'm preparing myself for two hours of boredom whilst Julie sits beside me almost shaking with excitement. No support act, which I don't mind, I like that Williams just got straight on with the show.

'Swing Both Ways' was different from any usual Robbie concert, I can only presume, he took to the stage with a fantastic brass band and dancers to make up his show. Swing music was the theme, and Williams played the part to an extent which took you back in time, to New York when swing music was all the rage. 

I've grown up with swing music, both of my parents are big fans, so all of the songs Williams played were beautifully familiar, and he played them with an amazing energy that brought a new lease of life to the old classics.

Dusted straight off the shelf, Williams brought back songs like 'Minnie The Moocher,'Putting On The Ritz', and even 'I Wanna Be Like You', though the performance of that latter was a bit extravagant for me I enjoyed the set, which was a massive surprise to me.

I've never been to see a live act that puts such a performance on, usually I'm not one for theatrics during live music but Williams made it classy, it was exciting, and it was sexy.

Some of Williams' other famous hits made it to the stage though, like a swing performance of 'Millennium', and of course 'Angels' which went down a treat, even with me.

The night, by all, was a massive surprise to me, I didn't expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. It was an epic performance made by one of the biggest names in pop music, but I was just happy that my mam enjoyed it. In her words, it was one of the best nights of her life.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Love Letter To Rock and Roll

Cheshire based rock and roll group the Luka State have released their tribute documentary to rock and roll as a taster for their new single ‘Rain’, which is set to be released July 7.

‘A Love Letter To Rock and Roll’ is a small, but telling documentary of three lads who have the world at their feet, as they tour Germany. The rock and roll trio discuss the hardships of being in a contemporary rock and roll group, but also share with their fans the highs of touring with your mates and meeting a new crowd every night.

In their own words, the lads said; “We wanted to make something a little different rather than your standard tour diary.
“What’s the point in doing the same as everybody else.
“Being in a band means hard work, putting the effort in and really going at it.
“We wanted to show the truth and show that in this wicked industry nothing is handed to you on a plate, its not all easy and you have to work for it.”

The Luka State, who are made up of Conrad Ellis, Sam Bell, and Jess Whitmore, have received immense popularity among avid music fans, just scoring under 90,000 views on their video ’30 Minute Break’ which included Games Of Thrones and Nowhere Boy star Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

‘A Love Letter To Rock and Roll’ is a fantastic insight to the world of a touring rock and roll band, fans of the Luka State will go mad for it.

Wild Smiles Release New Video 'Fool For You'

Wild Smiles have released their eagerly anticipated video for their superb single ‘Fool For You’, as well as releasing an acoustic version, which flatters the outlandish song to even greater heights.

In this personally made video, Wild Smiles have managed to capture their dynamic personality onto the screen. ‘Fool For You’ is a brilliant single that entwines the likes of the Beatles, the Lemonheads, and the Beach Boys into one outstanding tune.

A force to be reckoned with, Wild Smiles have come out with a summer tune that has that kick-in-your-balls feel to it, which every lover of rock and roll have been missing from the music scene.

Mixing up a mixture of older bands, Wild Smiles have managed to create their own sound, these guys have created a none stop tune, one to be listened to wherever you may go.

Wild Smiles have got it, and ‘Fool For You’ is a brilliant example of their fantastic work

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Irish Music

Well, I had a fantastic time in Ireland, no where else do I feel more at home than I do when in the bars listening to their beautiful traditional music.

I met some amazing musicians whilst over there, most who have more talent in their little finger than most English musicians.

It's a magnificent place to go and hear some music, I can't put it into words how amazing it is... but I hope these videos will explain it a little...



This one might seem a bit mysterious, as the singer I only know by the name Josh, it was the name he give to me when I introduced myself.

Gogarty's is my favourite pub on Temple Bar, it  constantly has live music on - and they manage to gather some of the best Irish musicians around to play.

Josh is one of them. Although he differed from the other acts, he didn't play your usual Irish tunes (God knows how many times I heard Galway Girl and The Irish Rover). He played Oasis, the Beatles, and so many other amazing covers. Anything that was thrown at him he began to play, even Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' - he nailed it.

Charismatic, talented, and with a smile as big as you can imagine, Josh had the entirety of the pub singing along to his songs. He played fantastically, I've never seen someone be able to play an acoustic quite like him, manipulating it into a set of drums, a bass, basically playing out all the instruments included in any song, on his trusty acoustic.

Josh played a fantastic cover of Come Together, which I managed to record half of, regrettably I missed his fantastic rendition of the introduction. I love Irish music, don't get me wrong, but Irish musicians know how to play an acoustic guitar, and it's good to hear one of them put that into covering none traditional Irish songs.

Josh, if you're out there, well done lad!


Walking down Grafton Street, in Dublin, you can hear music come from everywhere, it's a genuine pleasure to walk down such a busy street because of the dozens of brilliantly talented buskers.

I had a moment, that I'm sure other music journalists have, that "Yes! That's something to be excited about!". Seeing a large crowd gathered around a group of five lads, I could hear the amazing sound of KeyWest.

A relatively famous band, I'd never heard of them before, and was surprised to see such a popular band that still busked. But, as they said themselves, it's the best way to get music across to the masses.

They blew me away, it didn't shock me at all that these guys are well on their way in the music industry, anything less would be a crime. The talent that these lads produce is outstanding, I was genuinely saddened when they played their last tune, saddened that I thought this could be the last time I ever hear them again. But, for us, they sold us CD's, which I bought two of and I haven't stop being able to listen to them since I came home.

Get them on, they're the greatest band you'll ever see busk if you're lucky enough to catch them. Listen to them wherever you are, trust me when I say that KeyWest are something to be excited about.