Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Purnells - A Half Step In To The Shadows

STORMING back with their second album, the Purnells have created a dark, original, and sublime album for Teesside, and the world, to enjoy.

Opening with 'Ten Bob' we get a funky, upbeat tempo, with is then joined with a heavy guitar that sets of this adventure of an album.

Stu Blackburn, frontman to the brilliant Purnells, sings from way down deep in his gut, almost spitting out his soul in the process to give a voice to the brilliant songs that the Purnells have created.

'Run' is my favourite track from the album, a soft sounding tone with a dark atmosphere clouding around it, it's an outstanding tune from 'A Half Step In To The Shadow'. Beautiful guitar work is performed my Blackburn and his fellow guitarist Glen Caldwell. It doesn't take long for the song to change direction as a synth begins buzzing through the speakers it graces, an unusual sound, one that completely took me by surprise but effortlessly worked so well.

'A Half Step In To The Shadows' is full of surprises and little gems that will grasp your mind and take you into another dimension, into the mind of the wonderful Purnells. It staggered me, throughout the album, that this is the band's second album, they have the connection, the talent, the work of a band that have produced string after string of amazing albums.

Ian Dixon (bass) and Ricky Harty (drums) are a twosome that entwine together, it's become a cliche to just put the bass player and drummer in the same bucket when talking about a band, but it's hard to ignore their duet's throughout this magnificent catalog of music - a combined musicianship that I could even call the crowning jewels of 'A Half Step In To The Shadows'.

Download 'A Half Step In To The Shadows' here: 

Listen to teasers of the Purnells' brilliant album on Soundcloud, now!

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