Saturday, 26 October 2013

Introducing; The Wainstones

THE WAINSTONES mix together the great sounds of the Stone Roses, Oasis, the Beatles and the Libertines all to incorporate into their own songs.

In a live show, everyone knows the songs they play when they aren’t performing their own great hits, ‘Sally Cinnamon’, and ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ are two great crowd pleasers that the Wainstones have put their unique trademark sound on.

James Hart has a voice the resembles Ian Brown’s, though softer and more tuneful. His blue acoustic guitar will accompany him throughout gigs and recordings, along with his trusty guitarist James Senior who brings along a great sound on his electric guitar.

Together they make a perfect band, though soon they are hoping to introduce more members. Although unneeded, Hart feels that a drummer and a bass player will bring a new lease of life to their, already fantastic, band.

Cleverly named ‘The Wainstones’ (a collection of rocks found near the hometown in North Yorkshire), they have a great collection of songs that Hart has reared himself. ‘Hometown Heroes’ is an amazing recreation of its, lyrically, influenced ‘Working Class Hero’.

Hart writes lyrics like Noel Gallagher had done when he was younger, telling the tales of what it’s like to be young, with no money, as seen in their great songs ‘Pre-drinks’ and ‘Come out tonight’.

The collection of songs this band have put together is fantastic, from humble beginnings playing open MIC nights doing covers of their favourite songs, the Wainstones are now climbing up the ladder to popularity throughout the North East and creating their own fanbase that consists of more than just family and friends.

Their covers are brilliant, they know exactly what songs their audience want to hear even if that means constantly changing their setlist.

They play for the fans of music that they love, they write songs for the young generation that are now going out drinking with the few pennies they have.

Never have songs been around like this since Oasis brought out ‘Definitely Maybe’, they’re songs are relevant and upbeat, they’re keeping the dream alive for music lovers who need music that understands them, that describes their messed up weekends out on the town with their friends, this is what the Wainstones are about, their sound, their songs, their clothes, and their attitude.

They’re something to be excited about, a band the will soon be rumbling the walls of the music world.

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