Saturday, 2 November 2013

One on one with One On One...

Where did the idea for One On One Music come from?
 I was just really, really tired of people telling me I 'wouldn't be able' to do something. I'd mentioned to a few friends that I couldn't find any music websites that totally suited my personal taste at the time, and the general response I got was 'you couldn't do any better, stop complaining'... That was roughly the moment I decided to start One on One.

How did you begin developing your site?
I'd never designed anything before, so it took me a little while to find web design software that didn't scare the hell out of me. Once I found that I chose a basic template and set about designing my site from scratch.

Was it hard to build an audience? How did you build your audience?
Christ, if I knew how I built the audience I'd have done it a long time ago! In all honesty, I believe it's a combination of strong content and good use of social media. A lot of the artists we feature here at One on One have got a strong following on Facebook/Twitter, meaning we tend to generate quite a few social shares. We've also partnered with guys like Audioboo and ReverbNation to provide content for the site, and I think this would have led a lot more people to both our site and our content.

What are who have been your major influences?
Hmmm, influences... I'm ridiculously competitive, so I'd say that I'm influenced by other people who do what I do - anybody who does it - as much as anything. I love following other blogs and websites and seeing what they're doing, so in short... I'd say I'm inspired by human creativity, as pretentious as that sounds. 

Where did the name 'One On One' come from?
About the name - personally, I always enjoy reading interviews that try to get to know the interviewee, as opposed to just finding out about, say, their new single. I wanted my site's content to reflect this 'one on one' approach to interviewing, so I guess I kinda named it for that. I'm also an avid advocate of alliteration, so that was actually quite a big part of it. A name's gotta sound cool, right? 

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