Thursday, 5 June 2014

Love Letter To Rock and Roll

Cheshire based rock and roll group the Luka State have released their tribute documentary to rock and roll as a taster for their new single ‘Rain’, which is set to be released July 7.

‘A Love Letter To Rock and Roll’ is a small, but telling documentary of three lads who have the world at their feet, as they tour Germany. The rock and roll trio discuss the hardships of being in a contemporary rock and roll group, but also share with their fans the highs of touring with your mates and meeting a new crowd every night.

In their own words, the lads said; “We wanted to make something a little different rather than your standard tour diary.
“What’s the point in doing the same as everybody else.
“Being in a band means hard work, putting the effort in and really going at it.
“We wanted to show the truth and show that in this wicked industry nothing is handed to you on a plate, its not all easy and you have to work for it.”

The Luka State, who are made up of Conrad Ellis, Sam Bell, and Jess Whitmore, have received immense popularity among avid music fans, just scoring under 90,000 views on their video ’30 Minute Break’ which included Games Of Thrones and Nowhere Boy star Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

‘A Love Letter To Rock and Roll’ is a fantastic insight to the world of a touring rock and roll band, fans of the Luka State will go mad for it.

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