Monday, 7 November 2011

Deadmau5 - Right This Second; Deconstruction.

As it’s from a DJ set there isn’t much of a way of telling exactly how many bars are in the whole song, it’s all tied together by a technique called segue, which is the beat that joins everything together.  The Synth, which is an Analogue synth with a simple sawtooth and on Cubase I worked out that it is a (Gm082) Lead 2, after the introduction into the new mix is two bars each chord;
All together the synth lasts for 64 bars, which is typical in a club like song, this particular song is an Anthemic Trance though is same similar to most club music because DeadMau5 milks the synth, keeps the audience waiting until there is a kick-in (though due to the scene club music is usually associated, the audience will, more than likely, be on drugs – usually ecstasy).  The synth is in a 4/4 time signature though is played in triplets on the notes ABC. After the 64 bars there is an empty 4 bars and then the kick-in arrives, the kick-in has the same harmony all the way through though the texture changes a few times, the total bar count is 69 bars and then there is another silent four bars.

After these 69 bars the synth is repeated and we have the same chords and same bar count. This is called an Ostinato and is popular throughout club music. The whole of the songs has a basic harmonic structure, it is also an instrumental and entirely electronic, the effect on the audience can be called ‘Live Manipulation’ because of how it effects the audience – when listening to it at a computer you don’t get the experience and the music isn’t as enjoyable but live it feels better.

The BPM through the song changes quite a bit, I took the time out to calculate it all;
0.10-0.31 – BPM; 130.                                4.24 – 4.55 – BPM; 174/180
0.32 – 2.34 – BPM; 180/186.                     4.56 – End – BPM; 125.
2.35 – 2.40 – BPM; 0.
2.41 – 4.17 – BPM; 126
4.18 – 4.23 – BPM; 0

Personally I don’t like this track, this is because of my natural dislike to club music with having a brother that likes to play it as loud as he can, though this song is a little softer than what he listens to. I tried giving it a chance and found the synthesiser quite enjoyable, due to my earlier love for Eighties synth pop classics (I had an obsession with it when I was about twelve). I just don’t like the main beat in it, I always feel like my ears are going to start bleeding and my head just banging so it’s hard for me to tolerate – I’m not a big fan of huge kick-ins and I’m not a huge fan of to little going on in songs, I also prefer (what I like to call) ‘proper’ music, music that has been recorded on a guitar, a proper set of drums and not something I could easily make up on Cubase in five seconds. This tune is also too ‘hard’ for me, I prefer music that’s easier on the ear, kind of, the hardest I get is ‘Helter Skelter’ but my main reason for being against it is the drum like kick in, it’s awful – it’s really awful.

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