Friday, 2 May 2014

Revenant @ The Frigate

The Frigate is a fantastic bar to see any live act, but when Revenant come knocking at the door, it's a different experience altogether.

What makes Revenant stand out from the rest is the years of experience and musicianship put into play during their live performances. Arguably one of the greatest local bands I've ever seen, they never disappoint their audience which is full of bikers and a loyal following.

Revenant have a fantastic setlist, which is even enjoyed by those that wouldn't consider themselves metal fans, I personally wouldn't have ever thought of myself as a metal fan but coming from the Frigate on Saturday night, I found myself singing their setlist long after they'd finished their mind blowing performance. Black Sabbath, Rage Against the Machine, and Metallica are just some of the bands they cover song from, chewing it up into their own sound and spitting it back into the audience's ears as a kick-in-the-balls stamp on their live covers.

Wherever they go Revenant create an atmosphere like no other, and it's often hard to find a band with music skills as high as theirs, with the ability to get the audience pumped and feeling like they own the world.

Revenant own the current local music scene, for no other band has yet managed to reach their live music experience, it's a phenomenon that is only understood by those who have seen them, my only advice is to watch out, for when Revenant change your world.

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